Distinguished and solicited by a laborious theme, marked by a firm timelessness and a shameful fleetingness BURSATY has the honor to present to you in this autumnal prelude a authentic seasonal look.

Playful with a plural and diverse appearance, with a frail aesthetic composite and light introversion the Pythoni collection proves to be pronounced as a flagship draft but also and above all as the material protagonist of this review, detailing from a stylistic point of view its maternal courtesy favoring a heterogeneous form, without specific attribution of a genre which further enhances its attractiveness and its interaction at the heart of manual uses that our leather goods incorporate.

This coveted material form involving, the coating of a fashion constantly surrounded by its exotic visual savoring the delights of a strongly contrasting textile that attracts with its audacity and its conquering facet, which aspires to the strength of a tamed nature and the splendor of a model that knows how to adapt the current element to its body language.

Beyond his aesthetic timelessness, drawing on the admiration of a print rejecting any simplicity with regard to minimalism and some monochrome of materials manipulated by this dominant substrate, the Python is and remains an emblem. Its fashion-autarky form gives it a rigorous and universal genetics that cannot be changed, this print is sufficient on its own. Its complexity and naturalness eliminates the art of the superficial and erects its power of conquering nature in a world where textiles seem to elevate it to the rank of master.

The Python knows how to charm, his sumptuous way of communicate your reptilian gaze, her metric power, illustrate it as a art that cannot be confused. Between conqueror's art and fashion art, the Python exercises its stylistic authority and a subtle candor that only its reptilian generic is entitled to propagate. Its material nature knows how to weave its way through the ages and adopt the era it is crossing, its way of displaying periods and mutating at the same time as them shows how Python is unique and irreplaceable.

The Python, like its benchmark animal, makes us fashion victims prey to elegance and the victim of a print endlessly sociable and in full immersion.

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