The 2020 summer season promises to be rich in variations of pastel colors articulated under a wide range of aesthetic models highlighting these seasonal composites. Specific to the entry criteria of a period full of radiance and major stylistic opportunities.

The choice is within easy reach, which is why a density of volumes is offered, according to your desires. A personalized shopping route aspiring to various trends is used to promote a variety of styles.

L'actu mode specializes in a universe specific to a selection pantone: 

White - Pure and candid by its color, white embodies lightness and limpid appearance by its chromatic neutrality.

Purple - Its bucolic color is veiled with a partially singular softness that the feminine must include and highlight.

Pastel - Polysemic colorimetric association revealing a low opacity and an indisputable freshness inaugurated by a summer essence.

Neon - Saturated shades are a flood of ideas and are vowed to be essential elements visually recommended for a style assumed for all to see, without indiscretion and full of values.

Transparency - Its lustral concept and specific to modesty indifference erects a form of daring and eccentricity.


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