Bursaty, launches a new concept called "HAPPY BAG".

The HAPPY BAG is a proposition of gift (s), offered by the brand, when the customer crosses a specific budgetary stage. This offer is therefore automatically given to you. Indeed, from 50 € of purchase, this proposal will be honorably affected to you. UA choice of "HAPPY BAG" articles, specially made for you, will be offered to you. 

If, the estimated threshold is reached, you, as a customer, can benefit from this exceptional promotion. This is optional and valid for everyone. You therefore have the power and the choice to decide whether or not to include this HAPPY BAG in your basket.

If you wish to obtain this offer, simply consult the product page linked to the HAPPY BAG and add this gift to your basket. From € 50 or greater purchase value, the promotion will be directly applied, therefore, the manual addition of the item is necessary for the offer to be taken into account, following all of your items received at basket.

Remember, the HAPPY BAG is automatically played on your order. This offer is cumulative and optional, we invite you to take advantage of it!

Do not wait any longer, Bursaty offers you an eternal Christmas, what better way to have fun!